Live in Tallinn, June 28th to July 22nd, 2018

Mindvalley U Presents "10X Your Fitness in 21 Days"

A 23-Minute Per Week Strength Training Program to 10X Your Health and Fitness Results in 3 Weeks or Less for Mindvalley U Students

"You would not be reading these words had I not experienced the physical transformation I just did. I increased my strength by 53.7%, lost 3.5cm around my waist, and put a total of 11.8cm of lean muscle mass around my chest, arms, and legs in just 6 weeks." - Vishen Lakhiani


So you've lost most of your excess weight, restored your metabolic and cardiovascular health markers to their normal range, and achieved an overall healthier body with WildFit. But now it's time to go to the next level (there are at least 5) by building the strength and lean muscle mass you need to evoke your Brad Pitt (or Cameron Diaz) like dream physique. We've got just the right physical alchemist and program in mind. 

    About 10 X Fitness Experience

    A 21-Day (or less) Fitness Learning Experience To Equip You With The 6 Exercise Skills Necessary To Optimise Lifelong Levels of Strength and Muscle Mass – The 2 Key Predictors For Your Health, Fitness, Beauty, and Longevity.

    The ‘10X Your Fitness’ program is a 21-day live fitness program (with an optional 7-day experience and 14-day immersion) based on the 10X strength training methodology. It is a 3-week learning experience designed to equip you with the 6 fundamental exercise skills everybody needs to make effective exercise a permanent part of their lives.

    But 10X is not just any exercise methodology. It is the shortest, most effective and adaptable workout for busy people seeking to optimise their health, fitness, beauty, and longevity. A 12-min per week, high-intensity, super-slow strength training protocol designed to optimise lifelong levels of strength and muscle mass. The first ideal foundational exercise program suitable for men and women, beginners and athletes, the young and elderly alike.

    At Mindvalley U, you’ll have the option to do a 7-day experience (2 workouts, 1 deep-dive Q&A breakout session, and assessment), a 14-day immersion (4 workouts, 2 deep-dive Q&A sessions, and coaching to become your own trainer), or the complete 21-day program (6 workouts, 3 deep-dive Q&A sessions, coaching to become your own trainer and how to do 10X without machines, and the minimum time required to experience your first physical transformation).

    All you need to know

    ...about 10 X Fitness

    1. What is 10X?

    10X Your Fitness is the shortest, most effective workout for busy people seeking to optimise their fitness, beauty, and longevity. A hyper-abbreviated, high-intensity, full-body strength training protocol designed to maximise and maintain optimal levels of strength and muscle mass. With a maximum of 12 min investment per week, 10X will help you rebuild and maintain optimal levels of strength and functional lean muscle mass throughout your life.


    2. Who is 10x for?

    10X serves as the perfect foundational lifestyle strength training protocol for exercise beginners and elite athletes alike. More specifically, it is the ideal TOTAL FITNESS program for any beginner or non-strength training athlete seeking to jumpstart their (neurological) strength by 25-40% and pick up 1-2 kg lean muscle mass in less than 30 days. And is the ideal STRENGTH TRAINING program for existing strength, power, and endurance athletes seeking to maintain their existing levels of strength and lean muscle mass in less than half their current training time.


    3. What Does a 10X Workout Look Like?

    A 10X workout consists of 5 machine-based exercises (2 pulling, 2 pressing, and 1 pushing) which targets each of the major muscle groups (back, chest, arms, glutes, and legs) of the body. Each exercise is performed super-slowly (15 sec per rep) with a relatively heavy resistance (75 - 85% of your maximum capacity) for only one set (90 to 120 sec max per set). Each exercise is followed by a 30 second rest period and thus renders a total workout time of 12 to 15 minutes.


    4. Why Is Strength and Muscle Mass So Important?

    A person's strength-to-muscle mass (S-MM) ratio has been shown to have the strongest positive correlation with key health, fitness, beauty, and longevity biomarkers. So, if you're health, functional capacity, physical performance, physical appearance, and longevity status are lacking or suboptimal, chances are you have sub-baseline levels of strength and functional lean muscle mass. Conversely, if you have an optimal range of above-baseline skeletal muscle mass, the probability of you being in a healthy to optimal range in your health, fitness, beauty, and longevity is extremely high.


    5. Why Is 10X Superior For Increasing Strength?

    Because it primarily makes use of (but is not limited to) machines, 10X workouts allow you to stimulate the most productive adaptive strength response with greater intensity, accuracy, and safety within the targeted muscle group. 10X workouts have a minimum learning curve, make for the perfect injury-workaround alternative, and involves minimal high-repetition wear-and-tear costs on the joints.



    About Lorenzo Delano

    The Mindvalley Fitness Philosopher Who Is Transforming Our Bodies and Minds As Much As The Quality Of Our Courses

    As an autodidact (someone who teaches him/herself) leaving school at age 13 to pursue the physical sciences and eastern philosophy, Lorenzo has learnt how to hack his body, finances, and mind from a very young age.

    From teaching English in China at age 17, running gyms and hosting ‘total-body-transformation’ fitness retreats across South Africa, advising entrepreneurs and startups in America, to being contracted as lead educational curriculum developer (for Authors such as Ken Wilber and Neale Donald Walsch) and lifestyle consultant at Mindvalley.

    Lorenzo’s latest project involved cross-analysing and comparing data from the most successful fitness, dietary, and lifestyle programs and experts in the business to identify the minimum effective exercise, food, and lifestyle hacks for achieving total fitness (level 4 fitness) in less than 30min per week. A successful and transformative undertaking that took our whole company by storm.

    Happening in Tallinn, Estonia

    June 28th - July 22nd, 2018

    Duration: 1, 2 or 3 weeks (2 sessions per week per person)

    GYM location: My Fitness Gym, Balti Jaama Turg, Tallinn, Estonia

    Q&A sessions: Details coming soon

     Training hours: Mon - Fri (Except Wed) from 6:30 am to 9:30 am

    This event is covered by Lorenzo's 'No Brainer Guarantee'

    If this program does not completely exceed every expectation you have, we will refund your money.

    The “10X Your Fitness” program is covered by Lorenzo’s “Mind Blown Guarantee” which means that if this program does not completely exceed every expectations you have in attending at least 50% of your 1 week, 2 week, or 3 week personal training sessions, Q&A discussions, or assessments, we will refund your money. No questions asked.
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    This program is NOT INCLUDED in your Mindvalley U ticket price

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How long is the program? What if I can’t attend the entire 3 weeks?

    The 10X program is divided into three packages or levels. There is a 1 week, 2 week, and 3 week package (or level) depending on how long you’re staying in Tallinn for MVU and how deep you want to go with the 10Xperience.

    What is the difference between the 3 different packages or levels?

    Package #1: Level #1 - Experience ($695)

    Level #1 is for people staying a minimum of 1 week (anytime between 28 June and 22 July) and/or who want the complete guided (only) experience. A 1 week program that consists of 2 workouts, 1 assessment, and 1 deep-dive fitness Q&A session. You can start your 1 week experience anytime during the official Mindvalley U dates (28 June - 22 July).

    Package #2: Level #2 - Competence ($1,195)

    Level #2 is for people who cannot attend the entire 3 week Mindvalley U curriculum period and want the complete guided experience, awaken their strength, and learn (in the 2nd week) how to do 10X by themselves. A 2 week program consisting of 4 workouts, 1 assessment, 2 deep-dive fitness Q&A sessions, and guidance on how to train yourself once you leave Mindvalley U. The kick-off date is 7th or 8th July to 22nd July.

    Package #3: Level #3 - Mastery ($1,495)

    Level #3 is for people who are able to attend the entire 3 weeks Mindvalley U curriculum and want the complete guided experience, gain 15-20% strength, learn how to do 10X by themselves (at the gym and at home), learn to test their own overall fitness levels, track and program their own workouts, and receive a 3 week comparison report. A 3 week program consisting of 6 workouts, 3 deep-dive fitness Q&A sessions, coaching on how to measure your fitness and apply 10X by yourself at the gym and at home (bodyweight). The kick-off date (baseline assessments) is on 29th June, training for 3 weeks from 2nd July to 20th July, and post-10X assessment on the 21st July.

    Gym membership (full gym access for 3 weeks) is included in all packages.

    Will I lose weight, get stronger, or see a change in my body during this time?

    It depends which package/level you choose. Level #1 is about getting a complete guided experience (first-hand taste of why 10X is so effective).

    Level #2 is about learning how to do 10X (machines) by yourself once you leave Mindvalley U.

    Level #3 includes everything from Level #1 and #2 with the benefit of experiencing observable and permanent changes in strength (15-20% increase) and body composition (lose 1% body fat, increase 1% muscle mass) in just 3 weeks. It is after 6 weeks to 3 months where you can expect to double your strength, pick up 2-4 kg muscle mass (for the guys), and lose 3-5% body fat, and 3-5 cm around your waistline without changing your diet.

    We recommend you opt for level #3 if you’re serious about gaining the confidence, know-how, and exercise-skills necessary to apply this beyond Mindvalley U to complete your 3-month (doubling your strength and lean, muscular appearance based) physical transformation and to permanently adopt 10X as your minimum-effective lifelong foundational exercise routine. An evidence-based training program for achieving and maintaining optimal levels of strength and muscle mass (throughout your life) in only 12 min per week.

    Is this more suitable for men or women? Beginner or experienced? Young or old?

    No matter if you’re male or female, a beginner or an athlete, young or old, we all need to maintain a minimum level of strength and functional lean muscle mass (50% skeletal muscle mass for males and 40% for females) to maintain a minimum level of health (injury, pain, and disease resistance), functional capacity (dysmobility resistance), fitness (fatigue resistance and recoverability), attractive physical appearance (under/overweight resistance), and durability (age-resistance).

    Regardless of your gender, experience, or age, there’s only one way to reliably build strength and muscle mass, and that is any method that abides by all three universal laws of all strength and muscle mass growth: 1) Strength and muscle growth responds only to high intensity overload, 2) the higher the intensity of muscular output, the shorter the duration must be, and 3) the more intense your workouts, the more rest you need between workouts.

    10X has been shown to be one of the most effective, time-efficient, low injury-risk, and adaptable strength training protocols to expertly apply the right intensity, volume or dose, over the right frequency, and within the most beneficial physical state. A 12 min per week commitment as the ideal foundational lifestyle exercise routine for all individuals alike.

    Can I Still Do 10X Even If I’m Injured?

    The short answer is ‘yes’. 10X is the ideal injury workaround protocol as the super-slow method on the machines allows us to safely adjust the intensity, load, and stimulus around the affected muscle group, limb, or joints. While you may not get the most of each workout, you will still learn how to apply 10X in your life beyond Mindvalley U (that is, if you do the week #2 or #3 package/level.

    What are the 10X Q&A Fitness Sessions or Discussion About?

    Every Thursday (for a total of 3 Thursdays) we will have a non-mandatory 90 min presentation and Q&A session where we’ll explore the psychology, science, and philosophy of 10X and other health, fitness, and longevity related topics. Each session consists of a themed discussion followed by a Q&A discourse, allowing you to explore practical answers to your most timely and wanting questions and challenges.

    What are the (baseline data) assessments about?

    Whether you choose the 1 week, 2 week, or 3 week package, everybody will undergo a baseline assessment whereby we will ascertain the most important predictors of one’s overall fitness levels such as total absolute strength (1 RM test) and body composition (weight, height, muscle mass, and body fat) analysis. Only the 3-week package includes a 3-week comparison report.

    Do I need a Mindvalley U ticket to attend? Is 10X part of the Mindvalley U ticket?

    NO, 10X is a separate event and not covered by your Mindvalley U ticket. You will need to buy an added official 10X ticket (a 1 week, 2 week, or 3 week experience access). This includes access to the entire 10X program and gym access.

    How big is the 10X tribe? How many people can I expect to join this experience with?

    As you can imagine, there’s a limit to the number of people we can serve in a one-on-one capacity. You will join one of three groups totalling 36 people. We will stop promoting this program once we’ve reached a maximum of 36 people. As of the 10th of June, we already have 21 official attendees. Make sure to book and secure your spot as soon as possible.

    What time are the training sessions? Do they conflict with other Mindvalley U programs?

    All personal training sessions will happen between 6:30 am and 9:30 am Mondays to Fridays (except Wednesdays). You will train either Mondays and Thursdays, or Tuesdays and Fridays depending on your group. The earliest Mindvalley U programs start at 10 am so you’ll have ample time to make all, even the earliest, Mindvalley U workshops. Great Tip: Sauna and shower after your training session at the gym to get a head start and ready for the day. More information and details to be released upon the completion of your purchase and acceptance to the 10X tribe.

    What do I need? What should I bring?

    Bring comfortable training clothes, a water bottle, sweat towel, your phone, and an extra pair of clothes to change into in case you plan to go about your day directly after gym.

    What happens if 10X is not for me? Is there a refund policy?

    This event is covered by Lorenzo's No Brainer Guarantee

    If this program does not completely exceed every expectation you have, we will refund your money.

    The “10X Your Fitness” program is covered by Lorenzo’s “Mind Blown Guarantee” which means that if this program does not completely exceed every expectations you have in attending at least 50% of your 1 week, 2 week, or 3 week personal training sessions, Q&A discussions, or assessments, we will refund your money. No questions asked.
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